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Deciding on a career is one of the most important life decisions. In many respects, career choices are more difficult to make today than at any time in history. For one, there are infinitely more opportunities to choose from. In addition, the pace of change means that many people entering the workplace can expect to switch careers on average three or more times during their work lives.

Our careers section lists nearly a thousand different careers. Each ‘how to become’ job profile features a detailed job description, as well as information on the education and degree requirements, salary, job outlook, and unemployment rates.

How to Become an Academic Dean

Updated on 1 February 2018
Colleges and universities are complex institutions of higher education that require a variety of leadership professionals to ensure effective operation....
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How to become a Data Scientist

Updated on 27 October 2017
The explosive growth of data collected by businesses and government agencies has fueled the need for professionals who can analyze...
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How to become a Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist

Updated on 26 October 2017
Monitoring and evaluation are important processes that help organizations track and improve the performance of their operations. The two fields...
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How to become a product manager

Updated on 15 October 2017
  In recent years, product management has become an important role, particularly in the software and services industry. Product Managers...
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how to become a children's librarian

How To Become A Children’s Librarian

Updated on 13 October 2017
The children's department in public libraries provides and abundance of resources and materials especially for children of varying ages. Children’s...
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How to Become an Elevator Mechanic

Updated on 4 October 2017
Elevator mechanics, Elevator Technicians, and Elevator Installers fix elevators and escalators. To become an elevator mechanic with a nice salary, training...
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