Sep 19, 2017

Where To Study


Where To Study

When considering where to study, it is important to consider several factors. Knowing what career you are interested in is important, as is having a good idea what courses may lead you towards success in your chosen field. Deciding where to study may be just as critical. Many industries tend to cluster around specific states. For instance, California is a hotbed of entertainment and technology industries, while Washington, DC is an ideal location for people looking to work for the federal government and institutions that serve key federal agencies, such as the Department of Defense. Depending on your chosen career, you may need to consider studying in a state that has a strong job market for your particular field.

In addition to the post-study employment prospects, other factors to consider include the cost of living, quality of life.

In this section, we look at the different states in order to provide you with a picture of what to expect. Also, check out our college finder tool for a state-by-state listing of colleges.