May 26, 2017

Top Ten Dental Schools: List of 10 Best Pre Dental Colleges in USA

Want to become a dentist and are wondering what universities are the best pre dental colleges in the United States? Check out our list of the top ten dental schools in the USA and learn how to become a dentist at the best schools in the country!

Best Pre Dental College in the US?

Top Ten Dental Schools: List of 10 Best Pre Dental Colleges in USAUniversity of Maryland at Baltimore (UMB), Baltimore College of Dental Surgery It"s hard to say which school is the best pre dental school in the USA, but it"s safe to say that UMB"s College of Dental Surgery is a good place to start your career in dentistry on the right track. As the first dental college in the US, the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery is a leader and reformer in the world of dentistry. 7 out of 8 post graduate residency programs are offered at this top dental college. Get the chance to learn from the best faculty and the opportunity to take compelling courses not offered anywhere else!


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Best Ivy League Dental School?

It"s safe to say that Harvard University is a good college to study pretty much anything at, but if you want to become a dentist, this Ivy League school is the best bet for you. Harvard"s School of Dental Medicine helped the whole dental profession grow in prestige, but this elevation literally comes at a price. While one of the best pre dental colleges and a good place to start your career as a dentist, Harvard"s dental school is one of the top ten most expensive dental schools, too.

Top Dental School In Texas

A little more affordable than Harvard"s dental school is The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio (UTHSCSA) Dental School , a top dental school located in the state of Texas. At UTHSCSA, you can focus your studies a little more uniquely than you can at many dental schools, allowing you to learn more about topics and concentrations that specifically interest you as a future dentist.

Best All Around Happy Dental College

If you"re looking for a top dental school that will allow you to graduate with a well-balanced education in dentistry, you should considering enrolling at University of North Carolina, School of Dentistry. If you live in the state of North Carolina and want to attend dental school in-state, you"re very fortunate that this top dental school is your only option. This is probably also one of the friendliest and most service-oriented dental schools out there, too, allowing you to be happy in college.

Best Cheap Dental School?

If you"re looking for an affordable education from a college that consistently gets good reviews and rankings from the leading college sources, check out University of Michigan, School of Dentistry. Good faculty and the on-campus Sindecuse Museum of Dentistry make this college an even better option for prospective dentists wanting to go to a more affordable dental school in the Midwest!

Most Challenging Dental School?

If you want to really be challenged while at dental school, consider University of Pennsylvania, School of Dental Medicine (UPenn). Learn the ins and outs of clinical and biomedical sciences and graduate as a top dentist. While the clinical facility was renovated and updated in 2002, don"t expect the general atmosphere of UPenn"s dental school to be too hospitable and friendly. This top dental school ranks high for curriculum, but many UPenn dental students complain about little face time with professors and classrooms that feel like prisons. However, the large class sizes mean there are a few more students accepted into the dental program, making it easier to get in.

Best Test Scores at a Diverse US Dental School

Students seem to be much happier at University of Washington, School of Dentistry ,a top pre dental school that consistently ranks with some of the best test scores at any dental school in the USA. Along with good test scores, University of Washington"s School of Dentistry is also a very diverse dental school with a unique course catalog to choose from.

Good Dental School Easy to Get Into?

If you"re a pre dental student, you know that it is often difficult to get accepted to dental school at all. Many students want to go to dental school, but only 40% will earn a spot. If you want to attend a good dental school but want the best chance of actually being accepted, check out Boston University School of Dental Medicine-. Boston University"s large class size makes it a little easier to be accepted into this good dental school.

Easy Acceptance, Good Dental School

Like Boston University, Tufts University School of Dental Medicine (TUSDM or Tufts Dental) is also located in Boston, Massachusetts and a good dental school with a relatively "easy" acceptance rate and number of spots available (as far as dental schools go). Tufts is also a very diverse dental school, and ranks as one of the top 10 dental schools for enrollment of African-American/Black and Hispanic/Latino dental students.

Ivy League New York Dental School, Most Expensive?

If want an Ivy League dental school, check out Columbia University, College of Dental Medicine. One of the best things about attending Columbia"s dental college is the opportunity to earn a dual degree. Unfortunately, the tuition costs at Columbia are actually more expensive than Harvard, as this top pre dental school ranks as the 8th most expensive dental school in the USA, 2 spots before Harvard.

That’s our list of the top ten dental schools in the USA. Every dental school is different which is good because every dental student has different criteria, too. We hope this list will help you when applying and selecting the best pre dental school for you.


  1. Since Harvard accepts people with a specific graduated courses, how can I full fill these classes without having to take 4 years of pre-graduate school. Also does Harvard provide these 4 years of undergraduate school?

  2. How about clinical preparation? UOP is one of the best. Have you seen their pre-clinical lab? Second to NONE. Most schools are ranked by GPA’s, DAT SCORES, research, etc. In the Bay Area, UOP is seen as far superior to UCSF when it comes down to preparedness for real life dentistry. How about class size? UOP has a much larger class (140
    Students) compared to schools like Harvard (70 students per class) UOP’s top 70 students
    compare well in all acceptance categories. UOP has little research requirements so it is not recognized as a TOP school yet it consistently produces quality dentists including perhaps the most well known dentist, Bill Dorfman. Needless to say, your “rankings” are clearly flawed.

      • Great article, but speaking as a dental student from the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine…we are in no way inhospitable or unfriendly. Our classes are really nice and we love helping each other. The “gunner” mentality is at its minimum here and it is a great environment. I would agree that it is a very challenging school given our rigorous didactic coursework paired up with lab work, making it more challenging than others, but we are trained as more than dentists, but as “oral physicians.”

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