May 26, 2017

Best Auto Mechanic Schools: Automotive Tech Schools


We all know how much we rely on cars, and how completely helpless and inconvenienced we are when our car breaks down.If you’ve got a good  understanding of how cars work and the skills to keep them working, you need to get the required training at an automotive tech schools to become an auto mechanic. Here is our list of the best auto mechanic schools & automotive tech schools.


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1. What Is the Best Auto Mechanic School? WyoTech Car Mechanic School

WyoTech is a technical institution that offers career-oriented education. Its auto mechanic programs provide students with the skills necessary to achieve their educational and professional goals. WyoTech offers an associate degree program in automotive technology that takes only16 months to complete, so you can start down a new career path sooner than you may have thought. Students are able to specialize in a variety of areas, such as advanced automotive diagnostics and light-duty diesel, so select the program that best suits you! WyoTech has six campuses around the U.S. Check Wyotech out to see if there’s a campus near you.

2. Schools for Auto Mechanics: New England Institute of Technology

Regarded as one of the best auto mechanic schools in its region, New England Institute of Technology offers an automotive technology associate degree that combines rigorous study with a hands-on application of modern methods in the automotive field. New England Institute of Technology offers an automotive technology evening program and an advanced automotive technology day program, so you can get your education whenever the time is right for you.

3. Auto Mechanic Colleges: Arapahoe Community College

Arapahoe Community College is committed to training students for careers in the automotive industry, not to mention preparing them for the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification examinations. When combined with a degree, professional auto mechanic certification will open up even more job opportunities for you. An associate degree in automotive service technology, certificate in automotive service management, and electrical/electronics, engine performance certificate are available. The associate degree program enables students to obtain apprenticeship positions with various automotive repair facilities.

4. Montana State University Northern

Montana State University Northern offers automotive technology programs that enable students to learn the fundamentals of the field. The programs place emphasis on hands-on learning and cooperative education experiences. Associate degree, bachelor‘s degree, certificate, and minor in automotive technology are available, so go as far as you want to in the field at Montana State University. Definitely consider looking into these auto mechanic programs further to see if one meets your specific interests and requirements.

5. Automotive Mechanic Schools: New York Automotive and Diesel Institute

New York Automotive and Diesel Institute prides itself on producing qualified auto mechanics who have received rigorous up-to-date automotive training. The Institute offers three automotive programs: Certified Automotive Technician, Certified Truck and Diesel Technician, and Master Certified Collision Repair Technician. If you’re interested in working with trucks in particular, this might be the right mechanic school for you.

6. Automotive Schools: Dunwoody College of Technology

Dunwoody College of Technology has been a leader in the automotive training field for quite some time. With a sophisticated automotive educational laboratory and support from partners in the industry, Dunwoody College of Technology offers highly rated programs in automotive collision and automotive service.

7. Ferris State University

Ferris State University has prepared a large number of students for automotive careers since the early 1950s. It offers an associate degree in automotive service technology as well as certificates in performance motor sports and performance machining. Check it out!

8. UEI College

UEI College focuses on providing hands-on training to equip students with the skills they will actually use on the job as an auto mechanic. Offering an automotive technician diploma that features instruction on the latest methods and technology in auto diagnostics, you can expect learning from highly experienced instructors at UEI that are dedicated to your success. You can’t go wrong with UEI.

9. Seminole State College

Seminole State College is an automotive school that prides itself on its award-winning associate degree in automotive technology. Students are able to specialize in three different tracks: Ford-Automotive Student Service Educational Training, General Motors-Automotive Service Education Program, and Import-Technician Automotive Career Training. A vocational certificate in automotive service technology is also available.

10. Lincoln College of Technology

Lincoln College of Technology is a car mechanic school offers automotive technician training at the degree and certification levels. With expert ASE Certified instructors and one-on-one practical training, this is a great choice for aspiring mechanics. So, take the first step to your automotive career and apply!

Auto Mechanic School Online: Top Auto Mechanic Schools Online

That’s our list of the best auto mechanic schools. The best auto mechanic schools like Wyotech offer some degree programs that feature online training courses, but to get the training and skills to become an auto mechanic, you’re really going to have to get some hands-on experience, training you can only get in a classroom.


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    i want to pursue AAS in automotive service technology in community college in USA. Kindly suggest me about the community colleges those offers financial aid to the foreigners.

    i am from india, i did bachelor in automotive engineering, master in project mgt., master in internal combustion engines.

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