Sep 21, 2017

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Our college buzz section provides the scoop on college education and school news. Whether you're a current student or are just thinking about becoming one soon, check back here regularly to find out useful information and tips that might help you in your future classroom. Browse through the articles below for tips, resources, and news about careers, online courses, and college education.


Articles and Resources

10 Popular Online Degree Myths

Despite the ever-multiplying numbers of online degree programs available and the fact that reputable and respected schools like MIT are now offering distance-learning opportunities, there are still a...[read more...]

X Ray Technician Schools Online & Radiology Technician School

Are you planning on being an X Ray Technician? X Ray Techs (more formally called radiologic technologists) are vital healthcare professionals in charge of operating X-ray & ultrasound equipment in...[read more...]

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Top 10 Nursing Schools & Best Nursing Colleges

Are you thinking about becoming a registered nurse? An undergraduate nursing degree will give you the necessary training to become an RN and work in a variety of healthcare settings, including hospita...[read more...]

Technology: Its Benefits & Importance in Education, Schools & Learning

Due to the rise of the smartphone in recent years, internet technology has been a big part of our everyday lives as Americans. Since using technology is such an important part of our culture, many arg...[read more...]

What Every Student Needs to Know Before Studying Abroad

A lot of college students take the opportunity to study abroad while earning their degree. While traveling abroad is expensive any way you look at it, most students who want to explore another country...[read more...]

Cut Costs with Online Learning

You’ve probably heard people talking about how the costs of higher education are skyrocketing at a rapid pace. Given today’s unreliable economy, many individuals find it difficult to finan...[read more...]

What is the Difference Between a College Degree and a Certificate Program?

Students who plan on pursuing higher education can choose to either earn a college degree or certificate by completing coursework. While a certificate isn’t as prestigious as a four- or even two...[read more...]

List of Top Paid/ Best Paying Engineering Jobs

This may not come as a shock, but some of the best engineering professionals around the globe are working here in the United States. Obviously, engineers with training in a high-demand industry workin...[read more...]

What is the Difference Between a Psychologist and a Psychiatrist?

If you listen to most people talking about mental health in everyday conversation, you’ll hear many of them interchange the term “psychologist” and “psychiatrist” without...[read more...]

The Rise of MLearning

Thanks to the ever-growing use and availability of the Internet—not to mention rising tuition rates at traditional universities—online education is finally making a name for itself and s...[read more...]