Sep 19, 2017

Paying for College

HomePage_StateSearchWhen all is said and done, paying for college usually ends up costing way more than you thought it would in the beginning. While tuition costs are high enough, as a student you must also take into account paying for books, traveling expenses, a computer, and keeping a roof over your head. For non-traditional students hoping to return to school to jump-start their career, these costs can be overwhelming and even impossible without the help of federal or private lenders.

In this section, you can read articles to help you get the information you need to help you find the right financing for your college education. We cover everything from the basics, including how financial aid works as well as tips on how to win a college scholarship. For a list of hundreds of scholarships, check out our scholarship opportunities page. You will also learn about alternative ways to finance your college education, including loans, and how to save even more money through internships, externships, and work-study programs.


Articles and Resources

How to Graduate from College Debt-Free

Many college students now accept decades of school debt as the norm, but it doesn't have to be that way. Whether you're a traditional high school student heading off to college or you're a non-traditi...[read more...]

How to Graduate Without College Debt

About 30 percent of college students manage to earn their degree without going into debt -- and you don’t need to be independently wealthy to do so. If you’re beginning or already in college, here...[read more...]

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Scholarships Deadline Alert – Apply before the end of June

Still looking for help funding your college tuition? If so, read on to check out 15 great scholarships with June application deadlines. Unlike college loans, scholarships don’t have to be paid b...[read more...]

February Scholarships Alert – 42 Scholarships closing this month

To make sure you don't miss out, we've compiled below a list of over 40 scholarships that are closing this month. There is still time to apply for the scholarships below, but don't wait because they a...[read more...]

Forty Scholarships that you should apply for in January

For many students, attending college can be prohibitively expensive. This is particularly the case, if the college one wishes to attend is out-of-state. While many colleges charge out-of-state studen...[read more...]

How College Financial Aid Works

Most full-time students currently enrolled in an institution of higher learning receive some type of financial aid from the federal government, state government, post-secondary institutions, corporati...[read more...]

How to Search For Scholarships

Since the money does not have to be paid back, scholarships are a great way to decrease a student’s out-of-pocket cost. In some cases, scholarships can even be used to finance a whole education....[read more...]

Do You Qualify for Financial Aid?

More than half of all full-time undergraduate students in the U.S. receive some sort of financial aid. Do you qualify for financial aid? Even if you think you will not qualify, you might in fact be el...[read more...]

Dropping Out and Repaying Financial Aid

Students decide to drop out of college for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s because of a family emergency, work obligations, or general academic stress, students decide to leave college before...[read more...]

Hidden College Costs

When figuring out how much college is probably going to cost, most people tabulate the costs of tuition, room and board, and books, then convinced that they have a pretty good estimate in mind. What m...[read more...]