Sep 22, 2017

How to Become a Mayor

Cities and towns are very complex and require high officials for their effective function. Mayors are the highest-ranking officers for local governments that are responsible for making a variety of decisions to benefit the city.

What does a mayor do?

Mayors are typically elected politicians that serve as the top executive officer for a city, town, or village. They ensure all programs and departments are operating effectively and productively. They are involved in a variety of departments such as parks, post offices, police and fire departments, and libraries. They formulate and coordinate policies and programs and are involved in a variety of city council decisions. They enforce city ordinances and other official documents and review and approves budgets and taxes. Mayors direct city commission meetings and implement goals and objectives. They are also involved in community outreach and public relations duties. Mayors also coordinate emergency policies and procedures.


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What kind of training does a mayor need?

Mayors typically need at least a high school diploma and a strong background in politics. Many cities require mayors to have a college degree. Most districts also require mayors to have sufficient experience related to the local government. Mayors must have a solid understanding of the city council affairs and the city landscape. Most mayors have started out in lower positions and advance to higher positions as they gain the necessary experience. Mayors must also be at least 21 years old and a citizen and qualified voter of their state and city. They must gain city recognition and obtain sufficient votes from voting residents. Mayors must get their name on the ballot by gathering a large amount of signatures on a petition. They must then get a party to offer support and recognition. Mayors must also establish a campaign team and financial supporters to increase their chances of election.

What are the prospects for a career as a mayor?

Employment of all top executives, including mayors is expected to experience little to no change through 2018 (1).

Strong competition is expected for mayor positions because of the prestige associated with the title. Candidates with extensive experience and high community support will have the best prospects for becoming a mayor.

How much do mayors make?

As of 2012, the average annual salary for mayors is $62,000; average annual mayor salaries vary greatly on location, district, education, experience, and benefits (2).

A career as a mayor is a great choice for individuals with a strong interest in managing the overall operations of a city or town. Mayors must have a solid understanding of the policies and procedures of their city as well as the residents and landscape. Charisma, good leadership skills, critical thinking, and good problem solving skills are essential characteristics. Mayors must have excellent communication and the ability to interact with a variety of residents, city council members, and other members of the community.

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  1. I am about to start my second year of college at the University of Texas at San Antonio. I am thinking of pursuing a degree that will allow me to become mayor, but don’t know if i’m moving in the correct direction. I am currently a public administration major and am minoring in criminal justice.

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