Sep 22, 2017

How to Become a Costume Attendant

Costumes are an essential part to a variety of productions from theatrical plays and motion pictures to professional dance routines and pageants. Trained professionals are required to help actors and performers manage their costumes and keep track of the various costume changes that often occur during productions. This is the job of costume attendants.

What does a costume attendant do?

Costume attendants help select, measure, fit, and maintain a variety of costumes for many different productions. Many are often in charge of all the costumes for all of the performers of a production and others are assigned to one individual performer that has many different costumes. They arrange costumes in the correct order so that performers can change as quickly as possible. Costume attendants often create notes, lists, and charts to help organize the costumes at specific points in the performance. They also clean and press costumes before and after performances. They are responsible for performing the necessary repairs such as mending tears, replacing buttons, and making alterations. Costume attendants are also often in charge of assigning, organizing, and maintaining dressing rooms and lockers. Sometimes costume attendants are responsible for props and other elements that are made of fabric.


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What kind of training does a costume attendant need?

Costume attendants usually need at least a high school diploma. Some have associate or bachelor degrees in costume design. Some design schools and vocational and technical schools offer programs for costume attendants. Many costume attendants learn their skills through on the job training where they learn the procedures and practices of their employer. Many aspiring costume attendants have experience with assisting with costumes in high school and college productions and some complete internships with theater companies to gain practical experience. Costume attendants must stay up to date with the current trends and advancements in the field and often participate in seminars, workshops, and conferences.

What are the prospects for a career as a costume attendant?

Employment of costume attendants is expected to grow faster than average for all professions through 2016 (1).

Job prospects are expected to be good especially for costume attendants with extensive experience and specialties. Some job openings will stem from the need to replace costume attendants that retire, transfer, or leave the occupation for other reasons.

How much do costume attendants make?

As of this year, the average annual salary for costume attendants is $23,000; average annual costume attendant salaries vary greatly on location, employer, education, experience, and benefits (2).

A career as a costume attendant is a great choice for individuals that are interested in providing costume assistance to many different performers in a variety of productions. Costume attendants must pay close attention to detail, be well organized, and have good judgment. They must be able to make quick decisions under pressure and have good problem solving skills. Creativity, eye-hand coordination, and excellent communication are also desirable characteristics.

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