Sep 22, 2017

How to Become a Cosmetologist

CosmetologyPersonal appearance is very important to many people around the country. Cosmetology is the study and application of beauty services. Cosmetologists are trained beauty care professionals that provide a wide range of services to help clients enhance their appearance.

What does a cosmetologist do?

Cosmetologists focus on providing beauty services to clients that help them feel and look their best. They provide many different services such as shampooing, cutting, styling, coloring, and highlighting hair. They also give customers advice on hair care techniques that can be performed at home. Many cosmetologists provide other treatments such as perms, conditioning treatments, and chemical treatments. They also clean and style hairpieces and wigs. Some cosmetologists are trained to give facials, manicures, pedicures, and scalp treatments, as well as makeup analysis.


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Cosmetologists keep records on all clients and take note of hair care and skin care treatments. Many cosmetologists sell hair, nail, and skin care products in their salons. Cosmetologists that run their own salons also perform managerial task such as supervising, hiring, and firing employees and ordering supplies, advertising, and maintaining records.

What kind of training does a cosmetologist need?

Cosmetologists must complete a cosmetology program at a state-licensed cosmetology school. Most programs take 9 months to complete and may lead to an associate degree in cosmetology. Most salons and hair care facilities provide new cosmetologists with on the job training. New cosmetologists typically start with basic simple tasks and move on to more advanced tasks as they gain experience. Additional training is often required to help cosmetologist learn the techniques and procedures of their salon. Most cosmetologists complete advanced courses and attend additional training to keep up to date with the latest trends.

All states require cosmetologists to be licensed. Licensing requirements depend on the state, but usually include a minimum of a high school diploma, graduation from a cosmetology school that is state-licensed, and passing a state licensing examination.

What are the prospects for a career as a cosmetologist?

Employment of cosmetologists is projected to grow faster than average for all professions, increasing 10% through 2024, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. A growing population and the increased demand for cosmetology services will drive job growth.

Job prospects are expected to be good especially for cosmetologists with extensive experience and those licensed to provide a variety of services. Job openings will also arise from the need to replace cosmetologists leave the field.

Cosmetologist salary: how much do cosmetologists make?

Currently, cosmetologists with less than 1 year experience earned hourly rates between $7.59 and $11.15. Cosmetologists with 1 to 4 years experience earned hourly salaries of approximately $10.31. As of 2014, the median annual salary for cosmetologists was $23,200. 

For anyone considering whether and how to become a cosmetologist, this is potentially an excellent career choice for individuals interested in the beauty and fashion industries.  Cosmetologists must have a great understanding of art, fashion, and technical design. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills are essential qualities. Cosmetologists must also have a neat appearance and a good attitude.

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