Sep 21, 2017

How to Get Ready for a Job Interview: Preparing for Interview

So you’ve applied for your dream job and finally been asked in to interview! Congratulations! But now you have to start preparing for the interview. When interviewing for a position, you must first thoroughly prepare if you really want to increase your chances of getting hired. Once you know how to get ready for a job interview, you can certainly excel at your next job interview, no matter what questions the interviewer throws at you.

To be successful in an interview, you must present the best possible portrayal of yourself and effectively demonstrate that you are the ideal candidate for the job. The worse thing you can do it just "wing it," as most of today"s employers seek qualified applicants that exhibit a serious commitment to professional success. If you were an employer, wouldn’t you want to hire someone eager to learn and open to completing a variety of challenges? Here are some quick tips for successfully preparing for a job interview:


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Prepare for a Job Interview

Get to Know the Employer. Many applicants walk into an interview knowing very little about the potential employer. Most of the time it shows. Take some time to learn enough about the employer to engage in a short but meaningful conversation. Visit the company"s website and read the "about us" section. Get an idea of how the company portrays itself, as well as what they are all about. Try to grasp their goals, business tactics, and approach to conducting business.

Talk to Current or Previous Employees. To gain an understanding of the work environment, talk to people who are currently working or who have previously worked for the employer. By doing so, you will receive an insider’s view of the company and maybe get a better idea of how to proceed during the interview. While websites are informational, they can only tell you so much. Hearing personal experiences will help you connect with the interviewer.

How to Prep for an Interview

Familiarize Yourself with the Job Description. Carefully read the job description line by line, thinking about how your previous experience and qualifications fit each line. Perhaps even taking down important points, come up with some solid examples of your past experiences that show clearly why you are a good fit for the job. Even if you are not "perfect" for the job, understanding the ins and outs of the job description may help you come up with inventive ways to prove that you are a good match for the company. w you are a good match. Picture yourself in the position and think about the ideas you can bring to the job, as well as possible challenges that may arise. If you think enough about these aspects ahead of time, you can at least start off with a good conversation during the interview.

Practice, Practice, Practice. Come up with a list of at least 10 popular interview questions that might be asked and brainstorm your answers. Some basics include: Why are you leaving your current job? Why are you interested in this position? Practice stating your answers aloud over and over until they become almost automatic. If there is a question you are particularly nervous about, try writing out exactly how you will answer it and repeat it over and over. The more you practice, the more at ease you will feel during the actual interview. Do not completely memorize your answers because you do not want them to sound rehearsed, but come up with a clear picture of what you want to say.

How do you Prepare for an Interview?

Come Up Your Own Questions. Come up with a variety of questions of your own, as there is a very good chance that the interviewer will ask you if you have any questions regarding the position. If you can’t come up with anything in advance, you might ask the interview to further clarify the job responsibilities, or even make an open-ended inquiry about the nature of the company to show your interest. Also consider asking the interviewer about the next phase of the hiring process, or how long it will take the company to reach their decision. This way, you’ll have a general time-frame to know whether or not you were selected. Still, you never know…

Preparing for a job interview can be stressful, but if have a general idea of what to expect and how to get ready for the interview, it makes the whole interviewing experience a lot more manageable.

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