Aug 18, 2017

Sports, Leisure and Hospitality

Leisure and recreation are major sectors in the U.S. accounting for a sizeable number of jobs. These cover industries like sports, tourism, travel, hotels to name a few. The US travel and tourism industry is among the nation’s largest service export industries, and one of the largest employers. In 2013, 69.8 million people visited the U.S. Tourism accounts for 2.8 percent of the US GDP and nearly 8 million jobs. Figures from the American Hotel & Lodging Association show, for example, that the hotel industry employs 1.8 million people in the U.S. (2012).

The sports industry is also another big sector, generating millions of dollars and thousands of jobs every year, through professional sports leagues, recreational sports and fitness, and sports equipment manufacturing and sales.

Learn about potential careers in sports, leisure and hospitality, and the skills and training that you need to succeed in this area.


Job Profile

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