Aug 18, 2017

Manufacturing, Technical Trades and Retail

Manufacturing and retail are two of the largest sectors in the U.S. One in ten workers in the country is employed in the retail sector. Manufacturing is also a huge sector that covers key industries such as machinery, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, automobiles, oil and gas equipment, construction and transportation. According to a 2012 report by McKinsey & Co., manufacturing accounted for 16 percent of global GDP and 14 percent of global employment (Plunkett Research). The report estimated that manufactured goods account for 70 percent of global trade. As of 2013, there were approximately 12 million employed in manufacturing in the U.S.

Many of the core jobs in manufacturing require some level of engineering expertise. Most workers have at least a high school education as well as a degree or associate degree, or a technical trade qualification. The requirements in the retail sector are less stringent and technical. Excellent inter-personal and communication skills are always a plus in retail.

Learn about potential careers in manufacturing and retail, and the skills, and training that you need to succeed in this fast growing area.


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