Sep 19, 2017


From manufacturing to construction, electronics to power, transportation to mining, the field of engineering touches on nearly all sectors of our economy. Officially, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) estimates 1.35 million people working in architectural and engineering services as of 2013.

Engineering students can choose between a huge number of specialties and industries.

Learn about potential careers in engineering, and the skills and training that you need to succeed in this area.


Job Profile

How to Become a Materials Engineer

Materials are essential to every day life from clothing, appliances, cars, toys to buildings and structures. Materials engineering is a very important field that involves the structure and development...[read more...]

How to Become a Locomotive Engineer

Rail transportation is an important way of transporting a variety of passengers and freight. Trained professionals are required to operate large trains to many different locations. This is the job of ...[read more...]

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How to Become a Mining Engineer

Mining is very important to the U.S. economy because the country is one of the largest producers and consumers of mineral products in the world. Mining engineering is an essential discipline that uses...[read more...]

How to Become a Mechanical Inspector

Mechanical inspection is an important part of the construction field that involves the examination of many different systems to ensure they are properly installed and functioning efficiently. Mechanic...[read more...]

How to Become a Mechanical Engineering Technician

Mechanical engineering is a discipline of engineering that focuses on the mechanical design and power, generation and application of heat, and the design, production, and use of tools and machines. Me...[read more...]

How to Become a Mechanical Engineer

There will always be a high demand for engines, tools and machines that are more efficient and easier to use. As the population expands and increasing numbers of more advanced engines and machines are...[read more...]