Sep 19, 2017

Education, Teaching and Training

Teaching is one of the most rewarding careers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the education services sector comprises instruction and training providers in a wide range of subjects. Training is often provided by specialized establishments, such as colleges, schools, universities and training centers. Many of these establishments are publicly owned and operated, although there are also a good number of for profit and not-for-profit entities.

Careers in the education, teaching and training sector cover various levels, from elementary school through to post-graduate training. They also include non-teaching roles that provide support services to the industry.

Learn about potential careers in education, teaching and training, and the skills, and training that you need to succeed in this area.


Job Profile

How to Become a Dance Instructor

Dancing is a great way for individuals to express themselves and participate in physical activity. Dance instructors teach people of all ages on many forms of dancing such as ballet, tap, jazz, ballro...[read more...]

How to Become a Developmental Psychologist

Developmental psychology is the study of the ways people change over their entire lifetime and the things that influence these changes. Specially trained professionals are required to study aspects of...[read more...]

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How to Become a Career Counselor

Many people around the United States need help with choosing their career path and making good decisions. Career counseling is a practice that assists people in making the necessary connection between...[read more...]

How to Become a Childcare Worker

Childcare is an essential need for millions of working parents around the country. Trained professionals are needed in childcare facilities to care and nurture children who have not entered school and...[read more...]

How to Become a Childcare Director

Childcare is an essential practice in the United States that deals with providing high quality care to children while their parents are working. Childcare directors are trained professionals that ensu...[read more...]

How to Become a Math Teacher

Mathematics education is an important part of education at all levels. Highly trained licensed professionals that are mathematics specialists are required to provide mathematical instruction a variety...[read more...]

How to Become a Library Technician

Libraries are essential public facilities that provide a variety of information to individuals for many different purposes. Library technicians are trained workers that help librarians obtain, organiz...[read more...]

How to Become a Librarian

Libraries provide an abundant collection of information resources to promote the learning of new knowledge and enjoyment of its users. It is one of the most influential facilities to obtain informatio...[read more...]

How to Become a Music Teacher

Music education is an important part of education at all levels. Music teachers are trained professionals that provide valuable and meaningful music related learning experiences to a variety of studen...[read more...]

How to Become a Financial Aid Director

Financial aid is an essential part of postsecondary education that refers to funding that assists students in paying for educational expenses such as tuition, books, and room and board. Financial aid ...[read more...]