Aug 18, 2017

Art and Design

Success in the field of art and design requires a high level of creativity. However, creativity alone is not enough, especially given the intensely competitive nature of the industry. Successful artists and designers often need to learn the basics of running a business, as many of them tend to be self-employed.

Learn about potential careers in art and design, and the skills, and training that you need to succeed in this area.


Job Profile

How to Become a Sculptor

Sculpture is a type of art form that involves 3-dimensional pieces of art constructed out of a variety of materials. Sculptors are highly creative fine artists that design and create a variety of scul...[read more...]

How to Become a Photographer

Trained photographers are needed to take high quality photos that captivate, inform and engage the imagination. Every picture tells a story. Capturing on film moments of people, places and things to r...[read more...]

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How to Become a Patternmaker

Patternmaking is an important part of the fashion field that involves using a variety of designs to create patterns for many different types of garments. Patternmakers are trained professionals the re...[read more...]

How to Become a Professional Painter

Painting is type of fine art that involves applying paint, color, pigment, and other mediums to a variety of surfaces. Professional painters are fine artists that create paintings for a variety of pur...[read more...]

How to Become an Industrial Designer

People around the world use mass-produced products, from bathroom sinks and toothbrushes they use every morning, to the computers they use to check their email and the cars they drive to get to and fr...[read more...]

How to Become an Interior Designer

Interiors are redesigned and redecorated to improve appeal and functionality for existing or new occupants. The current state of the economy and slowdown in new building construction means that existi...[read more...]

How to Become an Art Director

What does an art director do? Art directors develop design concepts and review the content for advertisements, television, magazines, newspapers, and other digital, film or printed media. They use the...[read more...]

How to Become an Airbrush Artist

What does an airbrush artist do? Airbrush artists edit and improve a variety of photographs such as removing imperfections and restoring faded and damaged images. They edit photographic prints and neg...[read more...]

How to Become an Animator

People around the world love to watch animated movies and television programs, play video games or surf the Internet , either fully animated, or containing elements of animation. Animation is describe...[read more...]

How to Become a Craft Artist

Craft artistry is an essential part of the art industry that involves the creation of a variety of artistic objects for exhibition or sale. Craft artists are creative individuals that develop or repro...[read more...]