Sep 19, 2017



Deciding on a career is one of the most important life decisions. In many respects, career choices are more difficult to make today than at any time in history. For one, there are infinitely more opportunities to choose from. Secondly, the pace of change means that many people entering the workplace can expect to switch careers three or more times during their work lives.

College Mouse has the tools to make the process of choosing a career easier for you. Our careers section lists nearly a thousand different careers. Each ‘how to become’ job profile features a detailed job description, as well as information on the education and degree requirements, salary, job outlook, and unemployment rates.

Below, you can research potential careers and  jobs in 21 different industries, ranging from architecture and engineering to management and health services. For Career Tests and Career Counseling, click here.


Featured Careers

How to become a Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist

Monitoring and Evaluation Specialists are responsible for designing and implementing research activities, analyzing large datasets, and preparing monthly and quarterly reports to share their findings ...[read more...]

How to become a Data Scientist

The explosive growth of data collected by businesses and government agencies has fueled the need for professionals who can analyze and interpret the data. The rise of the internet, coupled with major...[read more...]

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How to Become a Cyber Security Expert

As the world becomes more interconnected and as the Internet plays an increasingly central role in our lives, internet security has become a major concern. Almost no day passes without news reports ab...[read more...]